[TYPO3-english] typo3 4.7.x , how to install local t3x ?

Philipp Holdener philipp.holdener at me.com
Wed May 23 13:23:29 CEST 2012

Am 23.05.12 12:43, schrieb Philipp Gampe:
> Hi Philipp Holdener,
> Philipp Holdener wrote:
>>> That's the bar where all the save / new / preview / etc. icons are in
>>> different modules. Seems a logical place to me :-)
>> If it was on an other place for years is difficult to find there :)
> Years? For one year ... before (old EM) it was on top too.
> Cheers


In TYPO3 4.5.x with the old EM there was first the input field for 
searching on TER and at the bottom there was a big input field for 
searching on the own PC with some text that everyone know what this 
input field does.

Now there is just a small icon on the top left corner.

But anyway... "J. Bakshi" knows now where to do it :)


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