[TYPO3-english] Cannot add extensions using Typo3 4.6.8, why/how?

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Thu May 17 19:04:18 CEST 2012


On 17-5-2012 18:12, Benoit Montereau wrote:
> Almost SOLVED!
> I'm using Firefox 12.0 and it seems to have a few problem with this
> browser! I already got trouble using the multiple files upload interface
> (flash) and now there is a problem with extension installation:
> -the "add" icon ( with the +) is NOT displayed (ok with Explorer or
> Chrome...).

See http://forge.typo3.org/issues/30900 and
https://review.typo3.org/#/c/10878/ for the three-line patch for the CSS 
to return the add/remove icon.

> 2 hours lost for a stupid css bugs...

Sorry for the time it took, but FF12 suddenly changed the rendering a 
bit. There has unfortunately not been a release yet since this issue was 
fixed in the repository...

Jigal van Hemert
TYPO3 Core Team member

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