[TYPO3-english] Direct Mail reply-to and from looks weird

Morten Hagh morten at hagh.dk
Wed May 16 11:26:33 CEST 2012

Hi list,

I am fighting with a Direct Mail setup. It almost works as it should but I
have few minor problems.

When I recieve an email, either from a standard page or by quickmail, the
reply-to and from mail looks like ?iso-8859-1?Q?xxxxxxx. Have I missed an
option somewhere?

And when I send the mail as plain text, the html entities are in the mail.
That makes sense as the mail is send as plain text. But is there and
option to convert those entities before the mail is send, the danish
letter æ,ø and å, is my concern here.

/Morten Hagh

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