[TYPO3-english] Is there any need for an English TYPO3 discussion forum?

Thomas Skierlo pubtsk1 at pix-pro.eu
Mon May 14 18:45:38 CEST 2012

Hi Andreas,

please don't get me wrong. It is very good if believing christians open 
up a forum for TYPO3 support. It's as good as if muslims, hindus, jews, 
mormones or buddhists are doing the very same - or even butterfly 
collectors or origami lovers. I just think that a global application 
like TYPO3 should be supported by independant sources, independant from 
any religions, sexual preferrances or politics.
For me the WEC "About us" doesn't sound multicultural at all - and only 
one more sentence could clearify this easily.
And no, I am not looking for a forum, since I can speak German. Besides 
that I'm far beyond the point where a forum is helpful. That's the 
reason I am participating here now. On my way to my present situation 
the forum proved to be good for gaining information, and I was just 
carrying the questions and invitation from the forum to this list.

If there is not need for another English forum my question is fully 
answered. It's as simple as that.

Thanks again,


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