[TYPO3-english] Is there any need for an English TYPO3 discussion forum?

Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Mon May 14 15:20:22 CEST 2012

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Dear Thomas, dear Andreas,

as also mentioned in this thread, there is a concrete plan to have an
official TYPO3 forum since last year's typo3.org relaunch week.

One prerequisite was that this forum stays in sync with newsgroups and
mailing lists. The good thing is that there is a nice software out
there, which makes this possible: FUDforum.

The only problem is that the person in charge isn't able to finish this
project (in a short-term scale). I did some improvements around
Christmas, however I also have already a lot of other responsibilities
inside the TYPO3 project.
Technically, everything is working fine already. The only problems,
which remain is that there are still a lot of design issues - we have a
PSD template, which "only" has to be implemented.

Andreas, what about getting your hands dirty and finishing the forum? I
really think that it is not too much work left and it would be very nice
to *finally* have this forum.
Would you be available to do this? If yes, please send me your SSH key
and I will give you access to the development server (and a short

If no one of you jumps in to finish and maintain that project, I see no
way to have it in production much before the end of the year.

Kind regards

BTW: Please don't use http://forumdev.typo3.org

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On 14.05.12 13:06, Thomas Skierlo wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm a German living in the Netherlands, who prefers to discuss technical
> matters in English forums and lists. I'm a participating on this list
> for about two month now, and I like the friendliness and quality of it
> very much.
> All official TYPO3 documentation is in English and the product localizes
> extremely well. I think that many people, like me before, do not
> subscribe to mailing lists, mainly because they are looking for other
> forms of information first, like discussion forums, which might be a
> more modern approach -- at least a more convenient one.
> One major aspect of a forum is the fact, that beginners get good hints,
> mainly from other, more advanced beginners and intermediates. A forum
> therefore could help to keep the very basic questions out of the mailing
> lists, which always will cover more advanced topics.
> If you use Google for some usage statistics you'll find out that TYPO3's
> acceptance is extremely good for the German (or similar) language
> countries, like Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and it's
> popularity and installation-count is decreasing outside the EU and
> Scandinavian countries. Imagine yourself a young turkish CMS developer,
> who wants to learn more about TYPO3. Besides the official documentation
> he or she would hunt for information in Turkish or English language, but
> definitely no in German.
> Today we have two well administrated and lively forums in German
> language and, at least after my short research, not even one in English.
> Other users and I suggested an "English" section for the most active
> German TYPO3 forum at http://www.typo3forum.net
> <http://www.typo3forum.net/> , and the makers behind it would agree to
> open one (or more), if it would really be of general interest.
> I was asked to discuss this matter on the mailing list -- voilà. I'm a
> plain user of the forum mentioned, and not an owner or maker of it
> Would you like to have an English language subsection on this popular
> forum - not as an alternative to this excellent mailing list, but as an
> addition? If yes, which structure should it have?
> All of you who can read German will find the active discussion under
> http://www.typo3forum.net/forum/aenderungen/49716-typo3-forum-englisch.html.
> Use this thread as well if you like.
> TIA for any feedback,
> Thomas Skierlo
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