[TYPO3-english] felogin - doesnt accept template

Martin Aarhof martinprikaarhof at gmail.com
Tue May 8 12:20:02 CEST 2012


On 08-05-2012 09:44, Jigal van Hemert wrote:
> Hi,
> On 8-5-2012 3:12, Martin Aarhof wrote:
>> When I try to add my template to felogin with both uploading a html file
>> or choose it from fileadmin I get this error
>> 1: The destination (/myroot/public/uploads/tx_felogin) or the source
>> file (/myroot/public/fileadmin/templates/ext/felogin.html) does not
>> exist. (tt_content:57:pi_flexform)
> If you select a template in the flexform a copy will be made and put in
> uploads/tx_felogin. For some reason this fails in your installation. The
> most obvious reasons are that the target directory does not exist
> (creating the directory failed during installation of fe_login), the web
> server user has no rights writing in that directory, the source file
> does not exist, the source file is not readable for the web server user.

That worked!
Creating the directory :)

>> Its not an option to set it by typoscript, because I have 2 different
>> login templates (header bar login, and "full" login)
> This can be a cause of further problems (see felogin manual in TYPO3 4.7
> for examples and description of potential configuration problems)
> because both plugins will try to deal with form actions (such as forgot
> password requests).

On my "big login" page (/login) I have turned off the topbar login.
And in the topbar login I have turned off password recovery, and just 
made a link to /login/?tx_felogin_pi1%5Bforgot%5D=1
That actually works perfect :)

When there are error in topbar login, it redirects to /login

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