[TYPO3-english] Imagemagick images too dark?

Brian Hauge Hansen b.hansen at mobilethink.com
Tue May 1 08:47:22 CEST 2012

Might only be a problem at Hostgator, but here are what I got back from
their support. Hope someone can use it:


Typo3 has not been catching up to changes to default colorspace handling
that were recently made by the ImageMagick team. You can read more about
that here:

The following changes can be done to suit the changes in ImageMagick:

[root at gator1825 /home/hauge/www/hgtest/t3lib]# sed -i.bak 's/colorspace\
RGB/colorspace\ sRGB/' class.t3lib_stdgraphic.php
[root at gator1825 /home/hauge/www/hgtest/t3lib]# grep -n colorspace\ sRGB
167: $this->cmds['jpg'] = $this->cmds['jpeg'] = '-colorspace sRGB -sharpen
50 -quality ' . $this->jpegQuality;
203: $this->cmds['jpg'] = $this->cmds['jpeg'] = '-colorspace sRGB -quality
' . $this->jpegQuality;
211: $this->cmds['jpg'] = $this->cmds['jpeg'] = '-colorspace sRGB -quality
' . intval($gfxConf['jpg_quality']) . $this->v5_sharpen(10);


As Björn stated below, this should of cause not be changed inside the
source code, but in localconf.php

Best Regards
Brian Hauge Hansen

On 4/18/12 10:21 AM, "Björn Pedersen" <pedersen at frm2.tum.de> wrote:

>On 18.04.2012 09:51, Brian Hauge Hansen wrote:
>> Thanks for all the answers. The problem is most likely do to a wrong
>> done by my hosting company Hostgator.
>> I've found where you can modify how Typo3 calls ImageMagick. You can
>> line 51 of t3lib/config_default.php.
>> So I've modified it like so to add a module command (copying the line
>> commenting out the original):
>You should never touch config_default.php (this will be overwritten by
>the next update), but instead copy the needed lines to localconf.php.
>That's probably also the reason why this occured  after an update of
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