[TYPO3-english] Cache issue with variables...

Roberto Presedo rpresedo.typo3 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 04:18:39 CET 2012


I'm trying to use a "country" variable that will be used by TYPO3 in every
links it will generate, as it does with the "L" variable for the language
of a page.

What I expect is the following : If I load a page like "
www.mysite.com/?id=1&L=1&country=de", I want all links generated in that
page to use "L" and "country" variables.

for example the following page
*will contain links like :

To do so, I've set up the Ts config like this

config.linkVars = L(0-5),country

It works fine, as L and country are added to all links of my page.. but ..

Let say I load the following url for the first time (cache previously
*-> www.mysite.com/?id=1&L=1&country=de
*will generates links with L=1&country=de as expected…

If I switch language
*-> www.mysite.com/?id=1&L=2&country=de
*Links are generated as expected too (with L=2&country=de) … good

But if I switch country instead of language,
*-> www.mysite.com/?id=1&L=1&country=ch
*then TYPO3 is going to check in the cache for the page requested (as
usual), but will return the content of the first loaded country/language
pair (www.mysite.com/?id=1&L=1&country=de) instead of create a brand new
content, as the page as never been generated before.. So, the page returned
contains links with "L=1&country=de" instead of "L=1&country=ch" and I
loose the country=de information.

How can I tell the cache framework to look after the "L" variable AND the
"country" one too…

Many thanks

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