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Erik Trapman Erik at samson-it.nl
Wed Feb 22 13:26:34 CET 2012

Ok, good. The first thing i forget is to include the 'statics'.

True what Oliver says. There's a WIKI page that explains a lot about it, i think for now it's your best shot at getting plain-text to work: http://wiki.typo3.org/TemplaVoila#Plaintext_newsletter_with_DirectMailer_and_TV 
The next chapter http://wiki.typo3.org/TemplaVoila#TemplaVoila.21_FCEs_can.60t_be_rendered_in_plain-text_version tells about rendering FCE's.

Have you seen this WIKI page already?

Erik Trapman

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On 2012-02-22 12:22, "HocomAdvies [ ☃ Wiechert Hooghwinkel ]" wrote:
> Erik thanks for your reply,
> Yes I included the static Direct Mail Plain Text, in fact I did everything as described in the manual. The odd thing is that also in an other (production) TYPO3 setup it's not working. 
> Which steps did I follow:
> 1. install the extension
> 2. create a new sysfolder DirectMail (at the end of the tree) 3. add 
> the dm plugin tot that page (through the page properties) 4. click on 
> template and create a template for a new site 5. include in this new 
> site template the DirectMail Plain text statics and Css_content 6. 
> create a new page and preview as text and html page 7. create a 
> dm-mail for testing the sending of the newsletter page 8. test the 
> sending of the mail (in my production server setup, it remains saying:
> Check the following warning.
> The plain text content does not contain any direct mail boundaries.
> The HTML content does not contain any direct mail boundaries.
>  (sending the mail itself works fine)
> 9. In my test setup I managed to get rid of this message, (but I cannot reproduce this in the new setup) unfortunately. On the other hand, it still gives the  [Unrendered Content Element: templavoila_pi1 behaviour. Also when the above does not contain boundaries message is not shown.
> In the test system I managed to get an sysfolder attached to the Newsite template for the news_template and fce. In the production site however I cannot get that done. So the news_template exist as part of the main website? The test environment is 4.6.1 and the production is 4.5.2. 
> Don't know if this might interfere?
> Kind Regards,
> Wiechert

I think to even be able to render ANY TemplaVoila content, you need to put another extension to work (like svo_tvplaintext).
If I remember correctly, there are at least 2 extensions who want to provide plain-text rendering for TemplaVoila content.
I got only 1 of them to work and I don't think that worked right with FCEs.

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