[TYPO3-english] DAM Audio Extractor -- not available

Jigal van Hemert jigal at xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 19 15:26:10 CET 2012


On 19-2-2012 12:58, Juan Lopez wrote:
> Hi everyone. I'm new here, so I don't even know if this message will
> reach the list. I'm trying to extract metadata from audio files that
> are uploaded to a website. By searching in the TER, I found that DAM
> should be the best solution. After installing DAM and indexing what I
> already had, I tried to install the metaExtract Audio extension
> (cc_meta_audio). All went fine, except that when I go to Media>
> Tools>  Services Info the "Available" column shows a red circle.

If you can't manage to get cc_meta_audio running and you have Java 
available on the server you can also use Tika.
There is an extension for it available and you'll only need to have the 
tika .jar to make it work.

Tika is a Java based file type detection, meta information and text 
extraction solution which knows many hundreds of file types.

The extension also provides a meta information extraction service for 
TYPO3 which can be used for DAM. It reports that it will at least be 
useful for the subtypes:
au, bmp, doc, docx, epub, flv, gif, htm, html, image:exif, jpg, jpeg, 
mid, mp3, msg, odf, odt, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, rtf, svg, sxw, tiff, txt, 
wav, xls, xlsx, xml

Maybe an alternative if cc_meta_audio turns out to be a dead end for you?

Kind regards / met vriendelijke groet,

Jigal van Hemert.

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