[TYPO3-english] pdftotext in mnoGoSearch does not show indexed file name.

Paulo Miranda paulorms at tre-sc.gov.br
Fri Feb 17 21:07:15 CET 2012

I have pointed an issue... and the the solution is here: 

Original: Mime application/pdf text/plain "pdftotext $1 -"

The new one: Mime application/pdf text/html "pdftotext -htmlmeta -enc 
Latin1 $1 -"

  * replace text/plain for text/html and add -htmlmeta.
  * -enc Latin1 because my site runs on iso-8859-1

It works for me.

All the best...

Paulo Miranda

On 17-02-2012 16:56, Paulo Miranda wrote:
> Hi all out there.
> After a long time away of studying mnogosearch, I returnet to it and 
> have made a good go.
> Now I have an issue with pdf file indexed by pdftotext: the result of 
> a searching shows the pdf file indexed but instead of showing the name 
> of the pdf file, it shows the text "(no title)".
> Anyone has some tip about this behavior?
> Thanks!
> Paulo Miranda
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