[TYPO3-english] Future of TYPO3

Olivier Dobberkau olivier.dobberkau at dkd.de
Tue Feb 14 16:55:05 CET 2012

Am 14.02.12 14:12, schrieb Oliver Salzburg:

> If someone wants to educate themselves about the future of an
> open-source software project, they should know about the motivational
> and emotional state of the people who write it.
> I found the posted threads to be valid input in that regard.

yes. bear in mind that people come and people go. requirements change.
markets change. moods change.

my impression is: reading mailinglists is only a small snapshot of what
really happens. and your perception might be right or wrong depending on
the angle your view has.

TYPO3 is alive and kicking. It solves 80 to 90% of all requirements in
CMS out of the box. The missing 10 to 20% is what we call project.


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