[TYPO3-english] What's going on with styles.content.imgtext.maxW?

Oliver Salzburg oliver.salzburg at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 13 15:24:08 CET 2012

So today I was very confused why an image on our website refused to
scale to a size greater than 300x227 pixels. No matter what values I
provided under Image Adjustments in Appearance tab, it wouldn't grow
beyond 300 pixels in width.

It was especially confusing, since the source image was 454x343 pixels
in size. So it had to be some limit defined in TYPO3.

Long story short, the setting that caused the issue is:

In my case it was set to a value of 600. Sure enough, setting the limit
to 620 pixels allowed my image to grow to 310 pixels in width.

So I guess two questions come to mind.

Why is the actual maximum width for an image *double* what is defined in
styles.content.imgtext.maxW? (I would assume, same goes for height)

Given that the 600 is the default value, only seen by the user in the
constant editor, wouldn't it make sense to display some sort of warning
if a user tries to set a size for an image that exceeds the limit?
I mean, the user is not going to have any idea that a default limit is
in place. And even if he does, he won't see how it is relevant (given
that the value for the limit is *twice* the actual limit).

Basically, doesn't this leave every new user clueless as to why his
images are capped at a certain size?


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