[TYPO3-english] Home page url

Bernd Wilke t3ng at pi-phi.tk
Mon Feb 13 15:19:54 CET 2012

On 02/13/2012 02:08 PM, Christopher Affleck wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am developing a site using Typo3 and have started with the tutorials and they
> all seem to recommend using a shortcut as the root page.
> So I have the following be structure:
> Root (Shortcut to id=2)
>      |- Home (id=2)
>      |- Category 1 etc...
> However I would like the Home page to be domain.org and not a redirect to
> domain.org/home/ , which would be the normal way to achieve this?
> I have looked into:
>    1. Reversing the shortcut from home page (id=2) to the root page. This keeps
> navigation working but means that root page is a normal page losing the benefits
> of having it as a shortcut
>    2. Using Replace Content on the Root page with content from the home page.
> This won't use any templates used by the home page so doesn't seem to be
> correct.

handling of Shortcuts has been changed with TYPO3 4.6.
Instead of showing the content of the directed page under the current 
URL you are really redirected to that page (and generated links show 
directly to the directed page)
this was done to get better results with seachengines. it avoids 
'duplicate content'.

with this change the reccomandation about domain-root shortcutting to 
home is void.
you have to do it the other way around, with the discomfort of very 
special Typoscript configuration in the tree root which normaly will be 
inherited into the tree.

- include different typoscript for following levels
- have conditions with root-page-uid
- build a FE-layout depending on layout-value of page (FE-layout or 

having this in mind from the beginning it is not much discomfort. 
changing a running page after an update to 4.6 can be very inconvenience.

solutions outside of TYPO3:
- you may define some 'magic' in .htaccess with some rewrites wich 
exchange http://my.domain.tld with http://my.domain.tld/home [¹]
- ignore it, as anyway no visitor cares about the exact wording in URLs 
(Bookmarking or link-forwarding is done mostly with copy&paste)

[¹] = I don't know wether this is possible without catching yourself in 
endless redirecting loops


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