[TYPO3-english] Redirection of login page

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I would stick with the felogin system extension, I think it should be 
able to do what you ask for. Protect an area, and anyone who tries to 
access it will stop at the form. There are also options to redirect to 
the originally desired page after successful login; I've had better 
results using the "GET/POST-Vars" option than the "defined by Referrer". 


Am 09.02.12 11:48, schrieb Colin & Maureen Pridham:
> Thanks Victor,
>     There are a few login extensions.  I configured felogin_redirect2current,
> but it doesn't appear to force a login if I access a page and am not logged
> in.
> (I could be going blind)
> Do you have any advice for me please ?
> With thanks,
> Colin
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> Hi, Colin.
>>   It appears that the extension 'redirection' for redirecting a login
>> page is no longer available.
>> How do I handle login re-direction now ?
> All the redirection handlers are now inside of system login extension
> (starting from TYPO3 4.3, I guess).
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