[TYPO3-english] Settings: plugin.tx_mbkdimagelightbox_pi1.galleriffic

HocomAdvies [ Wiechert Hooghwinkel ] info at hocom-advies.nl
Thu Feb 9 09:47:55 CET 2012

How can I set the proper Language settings for mbkdimagelightbox? I tried to get it trough 

  _LOCAL_LANG.nl {
    previous = Vorige Foto
    next = Volgende Foto

Now when I was looking into all the files etc., and came across a js file which is loaded:

And I am afraid the prevous / next part is handled by that file ? So my original clever idea was telling tx_mbkdimagelightbox not to use that file and have it using my adapted file instead, just as I did with the css file. Now the thing is that there is not an part in the TS Object Browser where i can overwrite that part?
This is what it looks now:

[usedefaultcss] = 0 # galleriffic configuration # insert default css
[width] = 75c # small size images
[height] = 75c
[maxW] = 495 # big size images
[maxH] = 500
[extensionaccess] = 0 # get extension access for directory mode
[previous] = Vorige Foto
[next] = Volgende Foto

Thsi is in the js.file:
  		playLinkText:              'Play Slideshow',
                pauseLinkText:             'Pause Slideshow',
                prevLinkText:              '‹ Previous Photo',
                nextLinkText:              'Next Photo ›',
                nextPageLinkText:          'Next ›',
                prevPageLinkText:          '‹ Prev',
So could this be the reason its not working?

I tried it like this, using the parts from the locallang.xml:

  _LOCAL_LANG.nl {
    previous = Vorige Foto
    next = Volgende Foto

So when I just have: page.includeJS.file10 = fileadmin/template/myadaptedjs.js  how can I get that being used instead of the original file?
Thanks for your advice. 

Beste Regards,

Wiechert Hooghwinkel

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