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T o n scoobjuh at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 8 22:05:34 CET 2012

Yes, Thanks. I have had that suggestion too in the Dutch mailing list. I absolutely like the idea, and will implement that too (but on a different site).
On this site I do not want to share the same information on a mobile. Only some basic info and a contact form. And I do not have the knowledge to get it running :-(

Thnx again, nevertheless!

> From: info at ursbraem.ch
> Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 21:56:23 +0100
> To: typo3-english at lists.typo3.org
> Subject: Re: [TYPO3-english] redirect mobile user
> Hi
> it's not what you asked, but why not just use a mediaqueries and other
> responsive techniques to adapt the website's CSS? Content reduced (aka
> dumbed down) separate "mobile" versions are a little bit a thing of the
> past.
> If you're not familiar with the concept, check out
> http://mediaqueri.es/
> or
> http://www.abookapart.com/products/responsive-web-design
> Cheers
> Urs
> Am 08.02.12 21:47, schrieb T o n:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > Besides my standard website, I want to create a mobile website in TYPO3.
> >
> > For that purpose I made a separate tree in in TYPO3 and installed extension cwmobileredirect to detect any mobile device which moves the visitor to the other tree.
> > This works perfectly with my first provider. There I can make a subdomain m.mydomainname.com through a cpanel and redirect the visitors to the correct http://m.mydomainname.com/index.php?id=74 page.
> >
> > My other provider allows unlimited subdomains, by simply creating a new folder in the root of my page, using ftp. That provider does not have a cpanel so I cannot add a redirect url. Therefore I tried an html page with (<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=http://www.mydomainname.com/index.php?id=74/"></HEAD>). But what happens is, that when a mobile device is detected, it is sent to this index page and this index page sends him back to TYPO3. So I end up in an endless loop.
> > The same happens when I place a .htaccess file in the subdomain folder.
> >
> > What do I have to do to get this working with this provider?
> >
> > I do have access to some DNS settings where I can change the A, AAAA, CNAME, MX TXT and SRV.
> > Adding the 'm' subdomain as an A record to my website's IP-address does not help either.
> >
> > Thnx,
> > Ton
> >
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