[TYPO3-english] Where are the changelogs in Extension Manager?

Oliver Salzburg oliver.salzburg at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 4 00:18:44 CET 2012

On 2012-02-03 12:27, Oliver Salzburg wrote:
> How can I see what was changed in an extension that has an update
> available? I'm using 4.6.4.
> Cheers
> Oliver

Now this is checking extension updates as I like it :D

(00:12:43) [reboot] time ./extUpdate.sh --changelog
Sourcing script configuration from typo3scripts.conf...Done.
Checking dependencies...Succeeded.
NOTE: New version available!
New version of 'dam' available. Installed: 1.2.3 Latest: 1.2.4
  Bugfix release
  Bugfix release

New version of 'realurl' available. Installed: 1.11.2 Latest: 1.12.0
  Bug fixing release.
  Compatibility with TYPO3 4.6. WARNING!!! Primary key change for
redirects table! You absolutely MUST run database update several times
until table structure is ok. Or you are screwed up.

New version of 'templavoila' available. Installed: 1.6.0 Latest: 1.6.1
  TYPO3 4.6 compatibility release, fixing 22 issues, for details see the
changelogs, thanks to all contributors.
  Bugfix release - fixed 10 minor bugs. See Changelog for details.

New version of 'yag' available. Installed: 1.4.3 Latest: 1.4.4
  Bugfix Release: FIX: BUG 32097, 32129, 32137
  Here comes our christmas release (mind the upload date :-) ). Some
minor bugfixes - thx to Steffen Gebert for helping us out! Merry
christmas to all of you!

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user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.000s

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