[TYPO3-english] New Form in 4.6 - Howto Implement?

Koen Van Nuffelen koen_typo3 at obiwebs.be
Wed Feb 1 11:02:20 CET 2012

Hi Scott,

In this list there is already a topic "new form element".
I quote Francois Suter's answer(s):

There's a static TypoScript file coming with the new form extension. 
Make sure to include it *after* css_styled_content. Also make sure that 
you have no customizations of the old mailform object in your 
TypoScript, that may override the new TS from "form".

And also:

Hi Matt,

 > 1) In the email sent how can I change the from email to the one the 
form submitter entered?

This is done by pointing to the email field in the TypoScript definition 
of the form:

postProcessor {
     1 = mail
     1 {
         recipientEmail = foo at bar.com
         senderNameField = name
         senderEmailField = email

 > 2) Similarly, how do you set the subject instead of using the default?

That's unfortunately not possible. I stumbled on this the other day. I 
consider this a bug, but had no opportunity to submit a patch for it.

 > 3) I've installed reCaptcha but can't seem to get it to show up in 
the form wizard. Can this not be done?

No idea there, sorry.


Some more hints:
- At last I noticed that when you open an existing form in the wizard, 
you'll need a little patience.

- There's a good manual in the extension folder. 

Kind regards,

On 1/02/2012 10:38, Scotty C wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I specifically upgraded to 4.6 for the new form module. Once installed I frantically clicked "create form" and ... nothing. So I found out it needs to be turned on as it's a system extension. Fine. I do that annd .... still nothing. Can somebody tell me how to get the thing to just work?
> I feel like a total noob for not being able to even get a form working ... why is TYPO3 so confusing?!
> Thanks as always,
> -Scott.

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