[TYPO3-english] Video conversion in TYPO3

Christian Zenker christian.zenker at 599media.de
Tue Nov 29 14:27:55 CET 2011

Thanks for your thoughts guys.

I know that there are loads of things to think about if you want to do it  
right. But I could also live with a simple crappy solution as we are  
talking maybe about one 5 minute video every other month or so. ;)
The extension suggested by Martin (ods_html5_media) looks nice, but I  
dislike the idea that it converts the video on page impression. I'll see  
if this can be easily fixed.

For now, I think I'll go with the time- and bugdet-friendly solution and  
use youtube, vimeo or alike for showing videos. But if anyone is going to  
write some kind of gifbuilder for videos I would be interested in helping  


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