[TYPO3-english] TS for title tags works inconsistently

Paul Bucalo paul.bucalo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 14:31:07 CET 2011

Would it be correct to replace "where =
uid={GP:tx_wecstaffdirectory_pi1|curstaff}" with:

andWhere.data = {GP:tx_wecstaffdirectory_pi1|curstaff}
andWhere.wrap = uid='|'

I tried the "andWhere" construction and couldn't make that work either.
I'm running 4.4.7 and I'm not sure if I can upgrade at the moment. How
would I fix this for pre-4.5 versions?
Thank you for your help.
I'll definitely read over the new "markers" solution for 4.5.

On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 3:01 PM, François Suter <fsu-lists at cobweb.ch> wrote:

> Hi Paul,
>         where = uid={GP:tx_ttnews|tt_news} #where tx_ttnews is the array in
>> the GET variable from the URL and tt_news is the key
> This should not work because the "where" property does not have stdWrap
> functionality. Maybe you get the impression that this works because you
> have the "substitutePageTitle" from tt_news turned on, so tt_news does it
> by itself. So it's not surprising that this doesn't work with another
> extension.
> If you're using TYPO3 4.5 or higher, you can use the "markers" inside the
> "where" property, see http://typo3.org/**documentation/document-**
> library/core-documentation/**doc_core_tsref/4.5.1/view/1/5/**#id2620981<http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/core-documentation/doc_core_tsref/4.5.1/view/1/5/#id2620981>
> This will be actually much better than the solution that you tried which
> would have been open to SQL injection (had it worked at all).
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