[TYPO3-english] Typogento?

Simon Dawes typo3list at cerebrum.com.au
Fri Nov 25 11:16:26 CET 2011

Yep, I understand the desire for one integrated system, we persisted 
with tt-products for a long time just for this reason! But our 
experience is for anything more that a fairly straight forward shop you 
end up compromising functionality somewhere :)

Anyway good luck with it, if you had down the tt-products path we have 
some experience.

Cheers Simon

On 25/11/2011 7:40 PM, Giuseppe wrote:
> This is what we want to avoid. Some customers wants all integrated in
> the same backend to avoid to work with both systems (both to administer
> and both to learn)
> Regards.
> El 24/11/2011 22:35, Simon Dawes escribió:
>> Hi Guiseppe,
>> We have used tt-products for several shops in TYPO3 with success,
>> (generally we have paid to have access to the more recent versions (2.7,
>> 2.8, ..). It works fine for the simpler shops we do, although can be
>> tricky to configure and payment integration is some times a hassle.
>> Recently we have started to work with Magento for more complex shops,
>> mainly because it delivers all the requirements for a shop with hacking
>> things! And it actually makes sense to our shop owners as well to admin
>> use.
>> But the CMS aspect of Magento is not great so we use TYPO3 for this, we
>> looked at typogento but found lots of problems.
>> So in the end we use a hybrid setup, using both systems. Yes it means
>> maintaining two templates and admins etc. But both systems can do what
>> they are good at, and actually separating the admins has some benefits.
>> We have then done work on using the SOAP interface to allow the systems
>> to integrate better (highlight/list products in TYPO3 pages for
>> instance).
>> There are use complications with this approach of course but we feel
>> they are worth it for the functionality we get.
>> Cheers Simon
>> On 24/11/2011 8:11 PM, Giuseppe wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I need to retake my efforts in shop implementation for our own site.
>>> I'm looking, and typogento looks a good option, but somebody knows if is
>>> continued (updated in middle last year), and if is compatible with
>>> latest Magento 1.6.10?
>>> Other working options actually?
>>> Regards.

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