[TYPO3-english] Very huge realurl Table

Victor Livakovsky v-tyok at mail.ru
Thu Nov 24 22:51:19 CET 2011

For those, who will find this thread and have same issue.

I've meet it too. And in my case problem was in 'wfqbe' extension, which is 
inserted on every page and displays only last 5 records from external db. 
But table, that 'wfqbe' uses from that external db is really huge, so 
extension generated a big amount of pagebrowser links (that are not 
displayed at the website) on every single page and every single view of 
'tt_news' items.

My solution was to switch from query builder to raw query input and add 
"LIMIT 0,5" to the end of query, since I don't need anyway all other 

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