[TYPO3-english] solved: cooluri and non-latin encoding

Historia historia1 at historia-web.de
Thu Nov 24 07:44:26 CET 2011

Thanks Jan,

that did the trick. I already tried alternative Navigation Title which 
didn't help, but the URL Alias works fine and I have only to do it once 
in the default language.

urlize and sanitize didn't change anything, at least not on my test 
system with typo3 4.5.0. It shows nothing at all, so I think the letters 
are not even sent to cooluri for further use. Amharic seems still to be 
some weird unicode range. I think in this case it is better to use an 
english url than some strange Ascii codes without relevance. Amharic 
transcription is a bit strange. One letter in Amharic represents normaly 
two letters in latin, but the transcription is not fixed.

Thanks a lot


Am 23/11/2011 9:00 ከሰዓት, schrieb Jan Bednarik:
> Hi,
> try to use urlize or sanitize instead of t3conv to convert characters to
> Ascii.
>> Is it possible to change cooluri so that it uses the links of the
>> english original and only ads the language marker to get to my amharic
>> site?
> No. But you can define e.g. alias that would be in english for both.
> Regards
> Jan

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