[TYPO3-english] custom related news

horace grant horace3d at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 14:27:52 CET 2011


i use tt_news and genericmarkers and would like to add some new fields to
the tt_news table. those fields should work like the field "related" and
show links to other tt_news records.

genericmarkers {
        data = tx_mytest_test

        test = TEXT
        # outputs only the indices
        test.field = generic_tx_mytest_test
        # how could i do something like that but dynamic? it should also
work with several comma separated indices
        #test.data = DB : tt_news : 1196 : title

at the moment only the indices get printed. is it possible with typoscript
to output the title or other fields of the record?


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