[TYPO3-english] LinkValidator

Philipp Gampe typo3.lists at philippgampe.info
Wed Nov 23 10:01:32 CET 2011

Karin Meulengrath wrote:

> I work on a 4.5.7 installation trying to make Scheduler send a mail
> containing a list of  'broken links' from LinkValidator.
> If I run scheduler manually, I get this message:
> 'Error 503 Service Unavailable.'
> I have set 'depth: 3 levels'.

Did you select the root page (TYPO3 Icon)? That could be a bug.

If not, can you try to select a single page?

Anyway, you should turn error reporting on, at least for you own IP address.

Best regards
Philipp Gampe

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