[TYPO3-english] fileadmin sub directories

Jigal van Hemert jigal at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 23 06:45:51 CET 2011


On 23-11-2011 1:13, Robert Wildling wrote:
> Ok, it is called "user_upload" - sorry, my mistake.
> How or what for do you use this folder?

I think you have either the Introduction Package or the Blank Package 
where this folder is present. AFAIK it's only there to suggest that you 
should make some structure in the fileadmin folder.

There are no mandatory folders inside fileadmin. You can even have a 
different folder as "fileadmin" (see Install Tool, [BE][fileadminDir]).

There is one 'magic' folder name inside the fileadmin, but even this is 
optional: if you have a folder with the name _recycler_ it will act as 
trash bin for deleted files [1].

If you have a bigger website with multiple BE user groups it's best 
practise to have some structure in your fileadmin and make "file mounts" 
to restrict access for these user groups. A suggestion:

+- templates
|  +- main_page.html
|  +- sub_page.html
|  +- ext
|  |  +- tt_news
|  |  |  +- news.html
|  |  +- faq
|  +- css
|  +- images
|  +- js
+- user_files
    +- editors       <- file mount for editors
    |  +- _recycler_
    +- newseditors   <- file mount for news editors
       +- _recycler_

You can put all the site "design" files in their own directories, have 
restricted areas for various editor groups (and they can't mess around 
with the files for the design.
Each BE group can have its own recycler.

As said before, there is nothing mandatory inside the fileadmin.


Kind regards / met vriendelijke groet,

Jigal van Hemert.

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