[TYPO3-english] Datamints newsticker cannot read settings page

Sébastien Schiesser sebastien.schiesser at zhdk.ch
Mon Nov 21 12:32:02 CET 2011

Hello list,

I recently updated the datamints newsticker extension to version 1.2.5  
and now get no output anymore.

My typo3 is 4.3.14 and I use a TS basic configuration:
news.ticker = USER
news.ticker < plugin.tx_datamintsnewsticker_pi1
news.ticker.settingsPage = 140

After some research, I discovered that the newsticker doesn't read the  
settings page. If I comment the last line, all my news appear in the  
default settings.

I tried with the settings page in the same folder than the TS template  
or in a different one (changing settingPage number ;-) ), but nothing  

What did happend during my version update?

Thanks for any kind of help.

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