[TYPO3-english] banner management - recommendations?

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Sat Nov 19 08:23:30 CET 2011

hey, it works! I just didn't save first, the swf files come visible only after you first save the record as flash banner. And only then you can choose the file.
Thank you!

18.11.2011 23:22, Stefano Cecere kirjoitti:
> On Fri, 18 Nov 2011 19:39:12 +0100, Peter Kühnlein <peter at function2form.net> wrote:
>> Am 18.11.2011 15:01, schrieb Katja Lampela:
>> but macina_banners' developers claim that the extension (v 1.5.1) has "support for flash files". did you try the recent version? i will do that tomorrow i guess... thanks for giving me this idea :)
> i confirm: it works very well with flash banners (and relative ClickTAGs)
> s

With kind regards

Katja Lampela

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