[TYPO3-english] virtual hosting issue

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Wed Nov 16 09:34:36 CET 2011


I'm installing sites into new server with PLESK virtual hosting system.

Now when the domain owner wants to have his own emails too, he has to have own site - this is TYPO3 installation.

So my situation is: I have multiple domains in one TYPO3 installation but these domains wants to have own email accounts, so I should install every site separately.

And surely I don't want to do that. So I'm trying to find a way to use only one installation in this situation too. Sure I could compromize: install TYPO3 separately but use for every installation same database.

But is there a way to use kind of "master" installation and the others would be symlinked or similar?

With kind regards

Katja Lampela

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