[TYPO3-english] Where to set "blindLinkOptions" to configure the "Links" wizard?

Roland most.wanted at gmx.at
Tue Nov 15 11:18:43 CET 2011

Hello everybody,

i try to set "blindLinkOptions" for a field of my extension which is 
configured to use the "Link" wizard.

The link wizard works fine, but i do not know where to set the 

the tca reference says:

--- quote ---

The "Links" wizard is used many places where you want to insert link 

- blindLinkOptions
- string
- Comma separated list of link options that should not be displayed.
Possible values are file, mail, page, spec, and url. By default, all 
link options are displayed.

--- /quote ---

I tried to set the option "blindLinkOption" in the TCA:

--- quote ---

'link' => array(
	'exclude' => 1,
	'label' => 
	'config' => array(
		'type' => 'input',
		'size' => 30,
		'eval' => 'trim',
		'wizards' => array(
			'_PADDING' => 2,
			'link' => array(
				'type' => 'popup',
				'title' => 'Link',
				'icon' => 'link_popup.gif',
				'script' => 'browse_links.php?mode=wizard',
				'JSopenParams' => 
				'blindLinkOptions' => 'file'

--- /quote ---

...unfortunatelly this does not work.

does anybody know where to set "blindLinkOptions"?

kind regards.


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