[TYPO3-english] js_slidernews

Historia historia1 at historia-web.de
Tue Nov 15 07:19:03 CET 2011

I am working with slidernews and like the extension very much.  I have a 
two language site in English and Amharic. Not a language which is yet 
supported in Typo3, but I manage. However the date in slidernews is not 
in the right coding. Only in Style 6 the days are correct in Amharic. In 
the menu the days are always coded wrong.

Typo3 4.5.5
t3s_jslidernews 2.2.0

I already tried version 2.2.1 which doesn't exchange the markers on my 

By the way. The Amharic weekdays seem to come out of the localization of 
the webserver (Server: Apache/2.2.10 (Linux/SUSE) X-Powered-By: 
PHP/5.2.13) because there are is no other localization on the system.


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