[TYPO3-english] Slow Queries From TT-News

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Mon Nov 14 23:49:03 CET 2011

Hi Georg,

> yeah but how to select then records with 20 pids set, this needs to be a
> FIND_IN_SET or IN(), no matter if inside a join or not, right?

You use an IN(), yes, no problem (I found once that number of items 
within IN is limited in some DBMS. In Oracle 10 for instance IIRC it is 
1000. Then you have to split your list into something like

column IN (i1, i2, i3, ... i1000) OR column IN (i1001, ...)

Regarding FIND_IN_SET, Jigal is right, the aforementioned query should 
in fact be written using FIND_IN_SET and not the LIKE construct for 
MySQL but anyway, it is prettier but even without number at hand I 
really fear it is not quicker than the LIKE statements because basically 
the only method to properly search that is having full text search 
capability, something that allows special indices to be built where the 
string is tokenized in reverse order as well to let the % be placed at 
the beginning as well.

If you have the possibility to use a real relation, do it without 
hesitation! And do not forget to add CREATE INDEX statements, basically 
as a rule of thumb, for all your foreign keys.


Xavier Perseguers
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