[TYPO3-english] Mass upload with DAM and TYPO3 4.5

Chris Müller mueller at cyperfection.de
Fri Nov 11 15:56:00 CET 2011


I am looking for a solution to upload multiple files at once with DAM. I 
tried the Flash uploader bundled with the core. But when I'm uploading, 
I got the error: "All of your uploads fail. Detailed problem 
description: 303". It is compatible with DAM? Or is there another 
problem? I tried it with Firefox 7 and Chrome 15.

So I looked for other extensions and stumbled upon plupload. This 
extension seems to work not with DAM because it is integrated in the 
"File" module.

Another extension I tried was "ameos_dragndropupload". I dragged the 
files onto the java applet but nothing was uploaded.

Do I am something wrong or are there other possibilites to do that?


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