[TYPO3-english] constants.txt versus ext_typoscript_constants.txt

Leen Strijk leenstrijk at tomaatnet.nl
Thu Nov 10 20:27:43 CET 2011

I was having a problem with the constants.txt file.
After a lot of searching I finally realised that my problem was that I 
also had a ext_typoscript_constants.txt file in the extension.

So all the time I was looking at the constants.txt while the ext was 
looking at the ext_typoscript_constants.txt.

I want to use the constants.txt but when i remove the 
ext_typoscript_constants.txt file the calues from constants.txt won't 
get read.
I have t3lib_extMgm::addStaticFile($_EXTKEY,'pi1/static','my_extension');
in ex_tables.php

I read the following in another old topic
Hi Tapio, Once you install an extension, and it uses the old method
(ext_typoscript_constants.txt / ext_typoscript_setup.txt), then the TS is
activated for the entire TYPO3 installation, also if you have more than one

Using the new method (static/constants.txt / static/setup.txt) You'll
manually have to include the TS in the template. That way you can have
different setups for different domains om the same site..

Peter Klein /Umloud Untd

So now I think there is a setting for this somewhere. I may have 
overlooked it in kickstarter.

Does anyone know where i can find that setting or wich file?

Kind regards

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