[TYPO3-english] imagecycle error

j.j julijazas at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 23:04:37 CET 2011

No it's not installed. I will try to install to see what happens

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On 5-11-2011 18:32, j.j wrote:
>   I have installed this extension folowing the steps in tutorial. When i add the imagecycle element to content all is ok. But if i add a nivo-slider in my content i get errors in the backend:
> t3lib_div::callUserFunction
> |<strong>ERROR:</strong>  No class named: tx_jftcaforms_tceFunc|
> But nevertheless in front end the slider works.
> Any ideas hoe to solve the error?

The extension says that it depends on jftcaforms 0.2.1 Is that installed 
on your system?

Kind regards / met vriendelijke groet,

Jigal van Hemert.
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