[TYPO3-english] IT WORKS

Colin & Maureen Pridham cmbigsnow at bigpond.com
Thu Nov 3 09:25:37 CET 2011

Thank you Kay,

 I will do as you ask.


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Hello Colin,

Congrats, please always reply to the original post to keep the history
and contenxt intact ;) Otherwise someone may think:

Mhmm, why does Colin tell me, that her apache is working ;)

Thanks in advice

Am 03.11.2011 06:25, schrieb Colin & Maureen Pridham:
> Hi All,
> I have managed to figure out how to get my laptop to be a TYPO3 server.
> 1.       Make sure your router and firewalls (on both laptop and desktop)
> will pass IP addresses of both Laptop and desktop
> 2.       Configure the network connection on the laptop to act as a web
> server.
> (properties option)
> 3.       Edit the httpd.conf file on the laptop to allow the IP address of
> the desktop.
> Away it goes !
> Colin Pridham

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