[TYPO3-english] Re: [TYPO3] Updateing username/email in sr_feuser_register - useEmailAsUsername

Stig Kjeldsen sk at itu.dk
Tue Aug 30 20:20:11 CEST 2011

did you find a solution to this problem mr. malling? :-)

best regards

stig kjeldsen

Den 29-07-2008 11:16, Søren Malling skrev:
> Hi,
> I'm setting up the sr_feuser_register extension, working with the constant
> useEmailAsUsername. In the manual, it is mentioned that you aren't able to
> edit the email of a user, when the "useEmailAsUsername" constant is set to
> "1". Can anybody explain, why is that? If the user tries to update it's
> username (which equals the emailadress) the change is simply being ignored,
> and the confirmation page shows the old address.
> Would i need to make a work around with a hook, in order to have the
> emailadress updated (as well as the username), when "useEmailAsUsername" is
> set to 1?
> I hope someone has worked with this constant and can help me out.
> Thanks,
> Søren

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