[TYPO3-english] TV FCEs: Best Practice available for migrating local fces to remote server?

twalter tilman.walter at gmx.de
Tue Aug 30 17:23:41 CEST 2011

Am 30.08.11 16:53, schrieb Rudy Gnodde:
> Hello Tilman,
> Op 30-8-2011 11:40, twalter schreef:
>> Can you explain the workflow a bit. I am just wondering if this can lead
>> to problems with existing fces etc.
> I'm assuming you use TYPO3 4.5.
> In your development environment:
> - Go to list
> - Go to the storage folder with the FCE TO's and DS's
> - Click on the header for the TO's (with the text "TemplaVoilà Template
> Object (...)" and the plus icon)
> - Click on the export icon at the top (next to the CSV icon)
> - For "Include relations to tables" select
> "tx_templavoila_datastructure" and update
> - Exclude any TO's and DS's you don't want to export
> - Click on "Download export" (in the "File & Preset" tab) and save the
> file to your harddisk
> In your production environment:
> - Go to list
> - Right click on the storage folder you want to add the FCE's to
> - Under "Branch actions" click on "Import from t3d"
> - Go to the tab "Upload" and upload the file you just downloaded
> - In the "Import" tab, click on "Import"
> This should work fine for new FCE's.
> If you use a different version of TYPO3 the basic procedure should still
> be the same, though some of the steps might be a bit different.
> Regards,
> Rudy Gnodde
> WIND Internet
> http://www.windinternet.nl

Hello Rudy,

many thanks for that.


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