[TYPO3-english] Two self-excluding slide fields with TS

Victor Livakovsky v-tyok at mail.ru
Tue Aug 23 12:09:22 CEST 2011

Hi, list.

I have a TS challenge, which can't handle by myself. I've implemented a 
simple banner system for a TYPO3 website: added field for banner code and 
checkbox to disable banner at page properties. With my current logic banner 
code is inherited for child pages, but if a checkbox is checked on some 
page, the banner will not be shown on this page. I need to make it possible 
to disable the banner not only for a single page, but for all it's subpages, 
unless the code is entered again on some child subpage.
To be simple: TS should go up in rootline (including current page) and see, 
what meets earlier: banner code or "disabled" checkbox.

Currently it is done like this:
lib.banners = COA
lib.banners.5 = TEXT
lib.banners.5.value (
<script type='text/javascript'><!--// <![CDATA[

lib.banners.10 = TEXT
lib.banners.10 {
  wrap =  OA_show(|);
  data = levelfield:-1,tx_lvextpage_leaderbord_code,slide
  if.isTrue.field = tx_lvextpage_leaderbord_code_disable
  if.negate = 1
lib.banners.15 = TEXT
lib.banners.15.value (

// ]]> --></script>

Thank you in advance. 

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