[TYPO3-english] What's going on on TYPO3.org Site Up and Down Extensions There than Missing

Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Fri Aug 19 19:49:24 CEST 2011

> Has somebody similar problems and perhaps explain what is going on or when
> the typo3.org site will be fully functional available and stable.

The TER search (ter_fe) is badly broken. The problem exists since ages, 
but now it's at a state which is kind of embarrassing.

However, nobody had the time and motivation to dig into that, yet. I 
know that at least one brave friend plans to have a look at it at the 

You must know that ter_fe is an old beast and dealing with it will not 
be fun at all. And the problem is non-deterministic - sometimes all 
extensions are important, sometimes (often) not.
And you don't want to reproduce that on your local machine (every 
extension in every version of the TER *extracted*).

So I started collecting some reward for the person who opts in to fix it:

Are you you, Andreas and Thomas - and maybe few others too, also in with 
20€ each?

Kind regards

Steffen Gebert
TYPO3 v4 Core Team Member
TYPO3 Server Administration Team Member

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