[TYPO3-english] Re : Re : Re : Function to get content of a page (to beused inuserFunc)

joel zimmerli baden32 at yahoo.fr
Fri Aug 12 19:16:36 CEST 2011

Hi Victor,
Thanks for your reply, I can get the content making the current change.

Unfortunately, this works only when my list of Pids is hardcoded

    value = 72,51,3
    value {
        split {

It does not work with:

    data = global : HTTP_POST_VARS | myPageIds
    split {

I'm not sure I receive/handle the POST_VARS correctely.

My page is called from a form where all the checkboxes have "pid[]" as name. 
What should I as fieldname in my userfunc? pid or pid[]?

Thanks in advance for yor help.

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beused inuserFunc)

Hi, Joel.

> If I replaced pidInList = current with pidInList = 72, I get 3 times the 
> of page 72, so here again the split/loop is ok but the "current" seems to be
> empty.

Try to replace "pidInList = current" with:
pidInList.current = 1
pidInList.stdWrap.current  = 1 
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