[TYPO3-english] BE Grid, MultiColumn conflict: tt_content Column label

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Fri Aug 12 15:59:12 CEST 2011

Hi Siddartha

I am evaluating the Extension and am also interested if it will work 
with BE Layout.

In the changelog it says:

2011-06-08 Michael Birchler  <mbirchler at snowflake.ch>
* Added support for TYPO3 4.5 gridviews (thx to Marc Bastian Heinrichs)

That was done before your post, did you use an older version?
Else, you might file a bug report on 


Am 24.07.11 21:40, schrieb xydharth:
> Hello Phillipp,
> Thanks for the tips, I am posting for the first time to this list.
> Coming back to the issue, let me try to clarify/rephrase my question once
> more.
> A known feature with BE grid:
> When we apply a BE grid layout to a "PAGE", any content inserted in any of
> the "grid" columns, have a colpos label of the corresponding grid column.
> Say for instance while creating a BE grid(and then applying it to the page
> from the page properties BE layout field) if we would map the "normal"
> column to a custom named BE grid column "home page special content", and
> then if we would insert any content in that grid column the "colpos" label
> for that tt_content element shows: "home page special content" and the other
> select field options would also have the mapped labels from the BE grid
> applied to that "PAGE".
> Now for the conflict scenario:
> Simply put when the extension multicolumn is active for an Typo3 4.5
> installation, this BE grid feature is overridden and no more active, which I
> guess would be due to some hooks that the multicolumn extension is using to
> take control of the colpos field, without taking into consideration of any
> BE grids applied to a particular "PAGE".
> I think as Phillip rightly pointed out it would need a fix in the
> multicolumn extension.
> Thanks a lot anyway, hope this time my query has been phrased in a way that
> is understandable :) .
> Regards,
> Siddhartha
> (screen name: xydharth)
> Philipp Gampe-4 wrote:
>> Hi xydharth? Siddhartha?
>> Can you please restate your question? Please us proper punctuation and add
>> paragraphs.
>> I do not get what your problems is and what really goes wrong.
>> I would like to help you, but this way I can't.
>> If I understand you correctly, you have problems using both the new grid
>> view and the extension multicolumn.
>> First of all, do you really need multicolumn if you can use grid view?
>> If it really is a conflict, I fear there is not much you can do about it,
>> beside fixing it in the code (of multicolumn).
>> Best regards
>> Phil
>> xydharth wrote:
>>> I have encountered a problem in one of the projects which concerns the
>>> tt_content column labels say for instance the "normal", "border",
>>> "right",
>>> "customly-added-column" etc. do not use the column names mapped from the
>>> BE Grid column names when the extension multicolumn is used. Uninstalling
>>> the multicolumn extension ofcourse gives the desired effect wherein the
>>> BE
>>> grid column names are getting used for the select field of the columns in
>>> tt_content. Can anyone help me regarding this issue? I do not think this
>>> is a bug with either BE grid or the multicolumn extension, only a
>>> conflict
>>> scenario, past which I cannot find a way around.
>>> Regards,
>>> Siddhartha
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>> Philipp Gampe
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