[TYPO3-english] Autoloader doesn't work for BE-Modules

Daniel Siepmann layne.obserdia at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 13:09:39 CEST 2011

On 2011-07-14 21:17:12 +0200, Christian Kuhn said:

> Here are some more information for the autoloader in 4.5 and below:
> In ext_autoloader.php the returned array KEYs *must* be lowercase, even 
> if the real classname has uppercase characters in it.
> A KEY should be of the form 'tx_myext_fooclass', where myext is the 
> name of the extension as it is lying around in the filesystem. 
> Background: The autoloader splits the given classname and guesses the 
> extension name 'myext' from the classname. It then looks in (usually) 
> typo3conf/ext/myext for the ext_autoload.php file and loads it. This is 
> why the classname must be constructed this way (to enable the 
> autoloader to find the appropriate extension).
> Actually this logic changed recently for 4.6 a bit: There the 
> autoloader loads *all* ext_autoload.php files from the loaded extension 
> list in one run and not on demand anymore. This way you could (if you 
> really must, for example for external libraries) also add files to 
> ext_autoload.php that do not stick to the above described naming scheme.
> Regards
> Christian

Perhaps you can share this with the documentation project, so that 
everyone can find this in the core documentation? 

Best Regards,
Daniel Siepmann.

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