[TYPO3-english] domain record redirect (301) showing update notice? 4.5.4

Boris Hinzer b.hinzer at web-vision.de
Thu Aug 11 22:01:07 CEST 2011

On 2011-08-11 15:38:03 +0000, Steffen Gebert said:

> Hi,
>> When we try to access the Domain we only get the TYPO3 update notice:
>> This installation was just upgraded to TYPO3 4.5. In this version, some
>> default settings have changed.
> Are you using that weird extCache = 2 option (in localconf.php)?
> Then you get an extra typo3conf/temp_CACHED_ file per domain. So you 
> have to clear them all, as clearing the cache only removes the file for 
> the current domain (haha..). That's why the value 2 for this option has 
> been removed for 4.6.
> That's the only thing I can imagine currently.
> Kind regards
> Steffen

Thanks for the hint Steffen, but was something else.

We changed the servers and recently also ip addresses. The redirect 
domain was simply still to pointing old server and during last upgrade 
to 4.5.4 we did not ran upgrade script on the old server for this 

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