[TYPO3-english] Function to get content of a page (to be used in userFunc)

joel zimmerli baden32 at yahoo.fr
Wed Aug 10 23:37:40 CEST 2011

I need to implement a userFunc which must "merge" contents (column  normal only) 
comming from a several pages (for a single language website) and display the 
whole "virtual" content into a webpage.

PageIDs are selected in a webform and my userFunc is getting these Pids, this 
point is ok. 

Question: does exist a function able to return the content of a page providing 
the pid as parameter? Or should I write something more complex searching in the 
different table for content(s) belonging to a page id?

I already checked getPage($pid) but it returns "only" the page property and not 
the content.

I think the best way is to do that with a PHP userFunc, but of course if it 
possible/easier with TS, I would switch to TS ;-)
Thank you in advance for your help and suggestion.

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