[TYPO3-english] Typoscript conditions, caching and performance

Rik Willems rik at actiview.nl
Mon Aug 8 07:17:39 CEST 2011

Ah thanks Jigal,

> http://buzz.typo3.org/people/zachary-davis/article/dynamic-caching-in-typo3/
> ---------quote-------
> Additionally, logged in users who belong to different usergroups will
> see different cached versions of the page, which is a great feature in
> TYPO3. On top of this different cached versions of pages will be created
> for each TypoScript condition in the TypoScript setup (so go light on
> the conditions! every condition leads to another cached version of the
> page -- multiple conditions in TypoScript can lead to the exponential
> growth of the cache tables).
> ---------quote-------

This is one of those sources I was talking about.
Although the text looks clear I have one question remaining. When there 
is a condition, are both true and false cached and stored at that time 
or only when that part of the condition is met?

Cheers! Rik

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