[TYPO3-english] Task Center no longer available?

Erick Paquin info at erickpaquin.com
Sat Aug 6 20:23:56 CEST 2011

Hi Everyone,

I am still new to Typo3. I've been fooling around the extension manager
trying to install a few extensions for the "Task Center". I had a working
task center before installing the other task center extensions but now when
I click on it I get a blank grey page. Nothing on it.

I've been trying to uninstall the task center extensions and re-installing
them but still nothing works. All extensions are marked as "stable" except
for one "plugin_mgm" which is stated as "beta".

What would be the best way for me to get back the "original" task center? Or
fixing it in some ways. Oh and yes I did clear the cache quite a few times.

Thanks for you help.

Erick P.

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