[TYPO3-english] jm_gallery 0.9.2 keeps on adding the same images again and again

Heinz Werner Kramski-Grote kramski at web.de
Fri Aug 5 00:51:30 CEST 2011

After upgrading jm_gallery from 0.8.2 to 0.9.2 (because of the security 
my galleries don't work anymore: Every set of existing images is added 
as a duplicate set again and again every time I save an album record in 
the BE (e.g. after selecting a new album thumbnail) and even when just 
viewing the album list in the frontend. So I get hundreds of (non 
working) image records quickly until I hit PHP memory limits.

I already tried a fresh install of jm_gallery 0.9.2 with only a minimal 
set of categories and albums and virgin tables, but still no luck. From 
my point of view, 0.9.2 seems to be broken.

I'm on Typo 3 4.4.4 (yes I know this should be upgraded also, but my 
first move was to upgrade jm_gallery...)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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