[TYPO3-english] Changing default language in Templavoila

ktt kestutis98 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 00:13:00 CEST 2011

Hi Jigal,

Thank you very much for extensive response.

> In TYPO3 the concept of localization is a bit complex.
> Records for various languages are technically speaking not
> equal.
> Without extra localization all content is in the "default
> language", but it is not really connected to any language at
> all. You don't need to have a website language record to
> have content.
> The content in the "default language" is connected to the
> non-existing sys_language_uid 0. You can set the name and
> flag for the "default language" in TSconfig, but other than
> that the system doesn't really know what language it is.

Yes, I have noticed - TSconfig is only for representation
in this case.

> Switching the default language in the BE requires messing
> around in the database and adjusting a lot of data. It's
> best to think hard what the default language should be
> before building a site.

I guess there is a reason for such architecture. But on other hand
this type of inflexibility looks quite strange. Even more so one can very easily change the backend language in User settings, in TS for frontend, in TSconfig for flags, but first default language will remain for content on BE. I guess it's worth to start a feature request :-)

Best regards,
Kast A.

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